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Lake Särkinen

Lake Särkinen is  closed until further notice!


Trump cards of the Lake Särkinen recreational fishing area include clear waters, easy access and an ideal location amid Vuokatti’s tourism services. Many rainbow trout fishers know Lake Särkinen as the venue of various fishing events. The Finnish salmon ice fishing championships, a regional youth ice fishing tournament, the salmon ice fishing cup and the FishKatti lure fishing competition attract hundreds of anglers to the lake.

During the open water season rainbow trout can be hooked by spin fishing from the Lake Särkinen shore or by lure fishing from a boat. As most of the shoreline is even sand, the best way to make a catch is by lure fishing from a rowing boat. A boat will also help you find fish in the deepest hiding spots. As lure fishing from a boat in summer requires no equipment or casting skills, Lake Särkinen is an ideal salmon fishing destination for inexperienced anglers, or even the entire family. The tourism companies have boats available for hire.

Lake Särkinen is also an excellent ice fishing location. Ice fishers pursuing the vigorous salmon should equip themselves with large augers and sturdy fishing equipment. On the other hand, in clear water the salmon and especially the wary whitefish demand a circumspect approach. In clear water you can also sample the excitement of sight ice fishing. Active summer and winter lure fishers will find time to visit every known hotspot on the lake in one day. The most well-known are the Opisto shallow, the Rantapenkka bank, the corner closest to Nurmestie Road, the Hovi deep and Tennislahti Bay. Fish also bite now and then out on the open lake with the lure swimming just below the surface or ice deck.

Fish stock and maintenance

Catches in Lake Särkinen are almost guaranteed because catchable-size rainbow trout are stocked frequently. Fish stocking and the best catches are made during the spring and summer tourism season, in a happy combination of the most plentiful fish and the largest tourist numbers. Pike are eager to bite in the summer, with perch a frequent winter catch for ice fishers. A thriving whitefish population also inhabits the lake. Ice and other fishing on Lake Särkinen is only permitted with a separately sold licence.

The Lake Särkinen recreational fishing area is managed by the fishing and adventure service Vuokatti Fishing. Vuokatti Fishing organises guided fishing tours to Lake Särkinen and other waters in the Kainuu region, such as Lake Nuasjärvi and Lake Oulujärvi. With the restaurant and accommodation services in the area, Lake Särkinen is an excellent location for meetings ranging from recreational events to intensive conferences.

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Lake Särkinen is  closed until further notice!