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Lakes in the municipality of Ristijärvi

There are several mid-sized lakes along the River Emäjoki in Central Kainuu, connected by free flowing rivers and straits. The maze of lakes also varies in depth, and with the main river connecting the lakes and providing fish with nutrition, fish stocks are substantial.

Lakes Ristijärvi and Iijärvi

The Ristijärvi and Iijärvi lakes and the streams above them form a single, large maze of water bodies suitable for lure fishing. Lake Iijärvi is the larger continuous lake basin. The area is an excellent ground for catching zander, large perch and pike. The vendace population is also excellent. Boats can be launched from the boat harbour at Ristijärvi village, equipped with a proper boat ramp and guest pier.

Lupatiedot päivitetty 


A joint lure fishing licence covers the lakes between Leppikoski and Seitenoikea hydroelectric power plants. Ristijärvi and Iijärvi and other lakes that can be accessed by motor boat from the Ristijärvi area.

Fishing licences: € 25/year, €12/week, € 5/24 hours

Lupien myynti: 


Shell Kontiomäki



Personal licence, unlimited number of rods.  Fish stock: pike, zander, perch and brown trout.


Fishing season: 

For further information, please contact:  jaakko@muikkusuomi.fi