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Tips for fishing the Änättikoski rapid

First of all, this rapid is definitively worth a visit if you’re travelling in Kainuu. Änättikoski is an inexpensive option, with a reaonably long white-water area and plenty of fishable spots. The upper sections and the water area in front of the lean-to are well suited for dry-fly fishing. There seem to be plenty of grayling, and trout are also found. Downstream from the calm upper reaches, the current turns progressively more turbulent, the upper section of the rapid proper being well suited for streamer fishing. Further down, the current becomes extremely turbulent, which in my case automatically meant resorting to nymph fishing with split-shot. In other words, you need a light rod with a few larvae imitations tied on the leader and a number of split-shots pressed on the leader ─ you may actually need to weigh your line quite a bit as in some places the water is really deep.

Our tips for the Änättikoski Rapid: Wear waders that come up to your waist. Pack a light rod, reel and line. Bring a fly box containing tinsel streamers, ordinary streamers, larvae imitations and dry-flies. 

Jyrki Holopainen ja Aku Kaasalainen, Ruukki