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The wooded setting of river Kongasjoki appeals to both hiking fisherman and day-tripper

The River Kongasjoki drains into Lake Kivesjärvi in the border area between Paltamo and Vaala. This rather shallow river flows through wooded country for almost its entire length, and is a popular fishing spot for anglers fishing with light tackle. Water levels in early summer are still adequate, but mid and late summer may see water levels dropping, which can make fishing something of a challenge. The River Kongasjoki used to be a spawning river for trout dwelling in Lake Oulujärvi. Although the occasional trout may still manage to reproduce in the river, the angler is more likely to catch stocked fish. The river still has a reasonably healthy grayling population. The most popular fishing spots are where three ‘kota’ huts are located along the river, on the banks of three separate rapids, but the hiking angler may also have successful fishing along the less popular sections. I once spotted a fairly large grayling in a smooth run, but no matter what fly I presented to it, I couldn’t get it to bite. The huts are spacious enough for an overnight stay, providing a pleasant setting for reflecting  on one’s experiences of the trip, in front of a warm fire.

Samuli Kirkkomäki, Tyrnävä