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The river Syväjoki will put the angler to the test

The River Syväjoki is a captivating fishing spot. The landscape is beautiful, the river clear, and the fish... well, sometimes they can be extremely wary. I have often found myself for long periods presenting a variety of flies to fish rising in the pool, with nothing to show for it but fish lightly touching the fly or spectacularly refusing it. When this happens, it’s good to know that at the tail of the rapid, just a hundred metres further down, I can find a handsome grayling taking the fly as soon as it sees it.

The River Syväjoki also responds quickly to rainfall. Water levels once rose by around half a metre in one night after heavy rain. I can tell you that in the morning the faces of my fellow anglers were a sight worth seeing as we walked down to the river to marvel at what had happened. Trout in the River Syväjoki are very beautiful and rather dark in colour. They will reward the angler on some days; on others, there won’t be even a glimpse. At times, however, you will experience fine dry-fly fishing on the River Syväjoki, or else find fish biting aggressively on nymphs fished right below the surface film. Personally I’ve been successful using patterns such as small Parachute Adams dry flies, Klinkhåmers, CDC dry flies and small nymphs. I’ve also found that trout like the dark Muddler Minnow.

Samuli Kirkkomäki, Tyrnävä