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The river Lietejoki offers surprises

Like the River Syväjoki, the Lietejoki is a beautiful river with clear water. There is a thriving grayling population, and the promise of the occasional fine trout.

Apart from the stocked fish, the angler may also catch their wild cousins. My fishing partner and I once found a hot spot that up to now how given us two fine specimens of the river’s fish stock, both of which seriously tested our lines, brakes and wrists. Another really big one escaped us when it made a frantic dash downstream, splashing water as it went. I must have broken the world record over 20 metres, but it was no use; the trout shook itself free with a spectacular leap. We place such value on these fish that once we’ve caught them we always let them live on. We just hope they’ll find their way to the autumn spawning grounds and give us many more rewarding fishing experiences in future years. The photo shows a beautiful 51cm trout, caught in the River Lietejoki.

Samuli Kirkkomäki, Tyrnävä