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The Luvankoski rapid enthrals with its varied nature

A beautiful rapid, the Luvankoski. On occasion, the head of the rapid attracts large fish, and the rest of the water area contains cascading steps and interesting pools, as well as sections of swift currents where fish can seek shelter when the water is warmer.

Here the angler can find fish practically anywhere, and real monsters are known to have been caught. As long as we remembered to pack an axe, our trips have been crowned by camp fires made up using local wood, rich in resin. I once cut 30 to 40cm thick logs to burnable sizes using my knife. This kept me fully occupied and provided my buddies with considerable entertainment. We then decided to reward ourselves for our hard work by cooking trout in the heat radiating from the fire. I can assure you, after that I didn’t regret all our hard work one bit!

Samuli Kirkkomäki, Tyrnävä