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The Kaarneenkoski rapid has potential for fine trout

For me, a catch at Kaarneenkoski is pretty much guaranteed. I’ve never come back from there without trout. True, they’ve sometimes been few and far between, but if I stick at it I still get results. On some trips I end up with a bent rod on my first cast. Some of the fish are really big here. A couple of summers ago I heard that somebody used a wobbler to hook a really good-sized fish, weighing several kilos. I’ve personally caught several trout over 50cm, and more than once I’ve felt I’d hooked a really big one just by the way it was kicking. The fairly intense fishing pressure sometimes makes it hard to catch fish. Sometimes my trip has been rescued by fishing in the early hours or in the dark. Probably the best thing about Kaarneenkoski, though, is the camp fire, made up using resinous wood ─  this is a must once your fishing’s done. I hope the lean-to’s supply of this kind of firewood will last for years. Anglers are encouraged to vary their fishing methods on the Kaarneenkoski Rapid. I’ve been successful using various dry-fly, pupae and nymph patterns, as well as the Surffilauta attractor fly and several streamer patterns. Fishing with the Surffilauta and pupae imitations especially is truly a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it! Lure anglers always pack sturdy wobblers that can be fished even in fast, turbulent water. Trout may also be suckers for fairly large spinners and leech patterns. The fastest and most turbulent sections are hard to fish using fly-fishing tackle, though. Here, the spin fisherman will normally have the upper hand over the fly fisher, although there may be occasions when the fly fisher’s rod also starts bending.

Samuli Kirkkomäki, Tyrnävä