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Giant trout from the Lentuankoski rapid

The warm, humid dusk simply smells of trout. On the upper section of the Lentuankoski Rapid, I tie on a Mörrimöykky variant ─ a sedge imitation ─ then step onboard a boat and let the current carry the man, line and fly. A strong pull on the oar takes me across the white water, with the fly making a sweep downstream along the edge of submerged rocks. Then... bang! The trout is dashing back and forth around the pool. For half an hour I play the fish, and the fish plays me. I try to slip my small landing net around. The trout is half in, but now it’s falling away from me! Somehow I manage to extend my arm still more... and finally this 5.1 kilo trout is in the net, and a second later on the bottom boards of the boat. Boy!

Veikko Hiltunen,  Jyväskylä