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A fishing guide's tips for fishing on lake Särkinen

Glittery bait doughs work well in clear water. Pink, rainbow-coloured and fluorescent red doughs should all be part of the angler’s basic arsenal on Lake Särkinen. Light leech patterns and large spoon lures with a trembling effect, such as the local 16g Prohemikin Rosteri, are a safe choice for the ice fisher. Not limited to ice fishing, leech patterns are equally well suited to casting with light tackle. Wobblers with a jerky, fast-swaying motion yield the best results for the trolling fisher. A small Mosari wobbler works best, tied on a line lightly weighted down with a snap weight suspended just over the bottom vegetation, and the entire rig trolled by rowing at a slow pace. Wobblers in red, orange and crimson are often a good choice. Lures in shades of brown are also worth a try. 

Fishing guide and Vuokatti Fishing tourism entrepreneur Antti Harju, Vuokatti